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Selected Journals on Grieving - eBook

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Selected Journals on Grieving

King's College 16th International Conference on Death and Bereavement

Leo Tolstoy wrote that every time we write we should leave a bit of our blood in the ink pot. The stories in this book do exactly that. The stories are thoughtful, personal and a great testament to the importance of human relationships in all their many forms. 

The stories in this book look at: views by professionals about their work; personal stories by spouses, parents, children and siblings; spiritual aspects of care; the importance of animals in people's lives; philosophical musings; and so much more.

Each story is a short vignette of a person's journey through grief. These are stories about practical things that people have done to help others or to help themselves. One or more of these stories will touch your heart because we have all grieved the death of someone we love. In reading how others have dealt with such loss, we identify how we are coping and what we need to continue to do to help others while also looking at things we might want to do differently so that we don't hurt ourselves or others we love.

This material was gathered at King's College 16th International Conference on Death and Bereavement in London, Ontario, Canada. Everyone who has participated in the project has ensured that their stories are free of error and respect the confidentiality of the people involved as necessary. They retain copyright for their own stories and accept responsibility for what is recorded.

84 pages, 6 x 9 inches, ISBN 1-55307-024-0, $12 ebook

Table of Contents

Eugen Bannerman: Quest for Meaning; Terror at 20,000 Feet 

Bonnie L. Barry: Pat, Jim and Ralph the Dog 

Sister Marilyn Carpenter, OSB: Healing through the Arts Workshop; Virginia 

Don C. Combs: Mary 

Gerry R. Cox: Haskell 

Lynn Crowder: Green Peppers 

Rev. Bruce Dickson: Remembering What You Can Do 

Linda L. Diehl: Mike 

Sandra Elder: A Young Girl and Simon the Poodle 

George E. Franke: People Who Have Touched Me ; A Psalm for N. 

Ruth Gallant: My Father 

George B. Gilbertson: Kitty 

Linda Gilpin: Mrs. C. M. 

Kim Goldstein: Aubrey 

Toni Griffith: When the Sky is Sky Blue Pink 

Karolyn Grimes: Zuzu's Life 

Greta P. Hicks: Ted=s Gift 

Pamela Holland: Look What We=ve Done So Far 

Jean Kell: Tom 

Reverend Jennie Malewski: Daniel 

Sandy McBay: Jeff and His Father 

Howard McIlveen: John Lee; Mrs. Chen

Noreen Minifie: When the Sky is Sky Blue Pink 

Jim Mulcahy: The Minister and the Mensch 

Gerald S. Nash: My Mother=s Death 

Dave Pierson: Deaths I Remember Most 

Edith Pierson: Mim 

Pauline Pigott: Shane's Gift 

Joanne Pryor-Carter: Thank You for Telling Me 

Sharon Robinson: My First and Second Lives 

Jennifer Rockburne: Her Next Mission 

Susan Schilder : The Breaking of a Heart 

Elaine Seeley: Aunt Dulcie 

Cecelia Upton: Receiving Much More than I Strive to Give 

Harry van Bommel: Let=s Go for a Walk 

Ruth van den Heuvel: To Give Over Their Destiny 

Chaplain Lamar Vincent: My Son 

Dr. Mechtild Voss-Eiser: Orphaned Parents 

Dr. Anthony Webber: John 

Erica Webber:The Story of Fiona 

Elizabeth White: Mother's Day 1998 

Loretta Wilkins: I've told God that I am ready! 

Nicholas J. Wilson: Wounded Healer; Reconciliation 

Alice Zulli: Part of Me Died Too