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Selected Journals - eBook

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Selected Journals of Successful Hospice Palliative Care

from the 16th International Congress on Care of the Terminally Ill, Montreal Canada

Jean Vanier wrote that "... each person, big or small, has a role to play in the world. As we start to really get to know others, as we begin to listen to each other's stories, things begin to change." 

Hospice palliative care providers know the importance of stories. In this book is a selection of stories that will inform, enlightened and inspire professionals and volunteers in the field. The stories can be used as a gift to your colleagues or clients and in your own practice, newsletters, teaching and presentations as illustrations of excellent care. 

Each story is a short vignette of a person's hospice palliative care journey. These are stories about practical things that people have done to help others or to help themselves. One or more of these stories will touch your heart while informing your mind. In reading how your colleagues and their clients have dealt with specific situations, you can adapt their knowledge and skills to help you in your work. 

This material was gathered at 16th International Congress on Care of the Terminally Ill. Everyone who has participated in the project has ensured that their stories are free of error and respect the confidentiality of the people involved as necessary. They retain copyright for their own stories and accept responsibility for what is recorded. 

Fifteen hundred delegates from 40 countries spent five days sharing stories with each other and now a few selected examples are available to you. 

Learn how Dr. Balfour Mount's patients taught him the 10 Commandments of Healing. 

Dr. Michéle Chaban tells us what we can learn when helping holocaust survivors. 

Nurse Lucie Adams reminds us that our time with patients may be only measured in hours but has a life-long impact. 

Rev. Ian R. Smith's patient Ruth teaches us that all interfaith encounters provide opportunities to learn and to share one's belief in God. 

Melanie Corbier and Janet Stark share stories of their parent's lives at home until they died and how those stories can help all professionals and volunteers. 

Dr. Colin J. Hartree reminds us of the difference between pain and suffering. 

Social Worker Marie Mocková illustrates how a patient early in our practice can become a guide to helping all future patients. 

Artist and art therapist Mona Rutenberg demonstrates how hand casting provides a way to physically hold on to the legacy of a loved one's hand sculpture. 

Dr. Anna Towers shares a tip learned from Rhoda Hoffman on how to distinguish when a patient is really sleeping or just resting their eyes. 

Whatever the story, each has a tip, message or insight that will benefit you in your professional or volunteer career. Ultimately, their stories may lead you to record some of your own stories to share with your colleagues and those to whom you provide care. 

76 pages, 6 x 9 inches, ISBN 1-55307-032-1, $15 paperback, $12 ebook

Table of Contents

Adams, Lucie, "Measuring Time in Hours"

Michele Chaban, "Sam Federman  A Song Can Save Lives" 

Corbier, Melanie, "Oh no! Am I Still Here?" 

Cottle, Margaret, "We Can All Do Small Things with Love" 

Fillmore, Cathleen, "Implications of Mortality" 

Hartee, Colin, "The Difference Between Pain and Suffering" 

Holland, Joyce, "AFGOS"

Holtzer, Andrea, "What it Means to 'Be There'" 

LaRocque, Elizabeth, "Hospice-Palliative Care IS The Weaned Child on the Lap" 

Leece, Suzanne, "Joanna's Story"

MacDonald, Colleen, "Warm Hands"

Mount, Balfour, "The Ten Commandments of Healing" 

Murray, Mary, "A Job Where Everybody Dies" 

Paddon, Elizabeth, "Leave with a Grace"

Ruiter, Nick, "A Hospice Client Encounter" 

Rutenberg, Mona, "Handcasting: Holding onto a Legacy" 

Schleinich, Mary Anne, "Reconnecting to Her Whole" 

Smith, Ian R., "Ruth: An Interfaith Encounter" 

Stark, Janet, "Coming Home"

Towers, Anna, "Touch Their Hand Gently"

van Bommel, Harry, "Let's Go for a Walk"