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No Place Like Home - Paperback

Harry van Bommel, home, disability, longterm care, modifications, renovations, universal design

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No Place Like Home - eBook

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No Place Like Home

Home Modifications and Renovations For People with Disabilities or Other Long-term Care Needs

Many people with disabilities or long-term care needs do not know what kind of modifications or renovations their homes need, nor how to get the work done. They suffer needlessly because they lack practical and useful information, which often means they do without these changes to their home at a cost to their safety and comfort. 

This book helps fill that information void with practical, 'how to' information that would make modifications and renovations happen but would also broaden a person's natural network of supports. The book is not a "how-to" for home renovations in the typical sense. There are excellent books at your bookstore and library on general home renovations (see Resources section at end of book). 

This book is specifically for modifying and renovating a home to make it more accessible, safe and comfortable for people with a disability or other long-term care needs. The book is designed for those who want to use a "barn-raising" approach to modifcations and renovations so that materials are donated or reduced in price and much of the work is done by friends, family, neighbors and volunteers. Through step-by-step details, you learn how to find a contractor, work with volunteers and ask for donated materials – all to ensure an excellent renovation with minimum costs.

You do not have to be an expert contractor or carpenter to have your home modified or renovated. This book is designed to give you some basic information to help you choose and work with a contractor. The contractor may know most of the information to meet your specific needs but they may not know it all. Use this book to ask the contractor the questions you need answered to meet your specific circumstances.

The book adapts the traditional 'barn raising' methods to meet the needs of people who had difficulty getting into and around their home safely and comfortably. People should not have to struggle to live in their own home or return home from a long-term care facility.

128 pages, 8-1/2 x 11 inches, ISBN 1-55307-011-9, $20 paperback, $15 ebook

Table of Contents

Read this First 


To individuals

To families, friends, neighbors and volunteers

To the contractor

To the community

To charitable organizations

Language and Jargon

Legal Issues 

Working with a Charitable Organization 

Using a Support Circle for the Project 

The 9-step Process 


   What you need and would like to have done 


   Getting several quotes of the costs 

   Choosing and working with a contractor 

   The Asking Role and how someone can fulfill it 


   Work site safety 

   Ordering and delivery of materials 

   Working with volunteers on site 


   Ending the project 

   Regular maintenance 


1. Forms to Use in Organizing the Work 

2. Typical Tools/Supplies to Own or Rent