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How to Manage Your Records - Paperback

Harry van Bommel, caregiving, caregivers, care, home, nursing, health, hospice, palliative, medical records, financial records, legal records, funeral record

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How to Manage Your Records - eBook

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How to Manage Your Records

Financial, Legal and Medical



People hate filling in forms! It really is that simple. There are a few people who love to file things away alphabetically, keep a family archive of every birthday card, photo, child's drawing and baby clothes ever used in the home. Most of us, however, do not.

Filling out forms may also save you a great deal of MONEY. Many people have little or no idea of where their money goes. They have no idea of what they own, nor what they owe. They do not have the information they need to get better rates on loans or to help them use their money more wisely. They do not have records of major purchases to give an insurance company in case of fire or theft.

The forms in this package are meant to help you take control of your personal information. For example, if you go to the hospital, the admitting clerk, nurse and doctor can look at your medical forms to understand your whole medical history. They can then spend more time asking you questions about your recent medical history.

If you go to a new lawyer or accountant, or if you need to go to a government department, funeral home or cemetery, you can present the legal forms to help answer all the standard questions. This information will help your family greatly during an emergency, when you need information but are out-of-town, or in case of your death.

The forms in this short book are simple and specific. It will help you get control over all of your financial, legal and health care information. It takes a bit of time but most of it only has to be done once. There will be some changes over the years but, on the whole, the information does not change that often. For example, you only have to write in your childhood illness once!

TIP: Whether you buy this book or not, pick a day in your calendar right now where you will spend a few hours collecting and writing in the information you need. You may not get it all done in that time because you do not have all the information handy. If you cannot get it done right away, write in another date on your calendar to finish the rest. Pick a day where you will have time afterwards to go celebrate!

80 pages, 5 x 8 inches, ISBN 1-55307-026-7, $12 ebook, $15 paperback

Table of Contents


Instructions for Filling Out Forms

Choosing an Accountant, Lawyer and Family Doctor

Your Personal-Legal Record


Documents and Property Checklist



Financial Investments

Family Heirlooms

Pre-Arranged Funeral and Cemetery Service Instructions

Other Funeral and Cemetery Service Instructions

Disposition of the Body

For Burials

For Cremations


List of People to Notify Regarding Death and Funeral

Printed Notification of Death

List of Thank-You Notes

Funeral Expense Record

Financial Record

Monthly/Yearly Budget

Estimated Assets

Estimated Liabilities

Medical Record

Basic Information

Childhood Illnesses

Adult Illnesses

Your Mother's Medical History

Your Father's Medical History

Your Own Recent Medical History

Prescription Drug Record