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Event Planning Guide - Paperback

Harry van Bommel, event planning, meetings, conference planning, workshop, not-for-profit, charity, speaker, speaking

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Event Planning Guide - eBook

Complete text as a pdf file emailed directly to you. Harry van Bommel, event planning, meetings, conference planning, workshop, not-for-profit, charity, speaker, speaking

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Event Planning Guide

Essential Handbook of Meeting, Conference & Workshop Success for Charity & Not-for-Profit Organizations

Whether your event is a simple meeting of ten people or a conference of 500 attendees, the basics of event planning remain the same. This no-nonsense guide provides all the resources you need to prepare for, and conduct, a successful meeting, conference or workshop  including detailed, practical information on choosing a speaker and a venue, budgets, day of the event and post-event activities, and promotion and publicity.

Beyond laying out the complete process with step-by-step ease, the Event Planning Guide provides examples of the forms and checklists you can use to ensure you get things done right, and on schedule. Purchasers of the book also receive access to a website where they can download and print the forms for their own use.

Harry van Bommel is the author of 28 books and has appeared in over 150 television, radio and print media interviews. He speaks nationally and internationally on topics covered by his books including management and staff development, learning skills, home and hospice care and personal development.

Mr. van Bommel is the Executive Director of Legacies. He has a Masters Degree in Adult Education and has been an educator and public speaker since 1981. His list of clients include people and organizations and companies in health care, education, government, industry and social services. 

"Essential reading for all event planners. No matter how well organized you are, it's impossible to think of everything and plan ahead for every eventuality. This guide is structured in a way that you can feel confident you've covered everything to ensure that your event is a huge success." - Cathleen Fillmore, President, Speakers Gold

72 pages, 8-1/2 x 11 inches, ISBN 1-55307-020-8, $15 ebook, $20 paperback

Table of Contents



Planning the Event 

     One Planner or a Committee?

     Time Lines for Preparation

Choosing a Theme and Type of Event 

On Your Own or Working with Other Organizations



Choosing a Speaker(s) 

Choosing a Venue 

The Audio Visual Equipment 

Marketing the Event 

     Local Media 

     A Press Release 

     Flyers and Posters 


Registration Forms 

Choosing a Menu 

Final Preparations 

Day of the Event 

Event Evaluation 

Finalizing Expenses and Budget 

Final Meeting 

The Party!



     1. Event Planning Chart

     2. Sample Time Line Form

     3. Sample Budget

     4. Speech/Presentation Checklist for Coordinator

     5. Speech/Presentation Checklist for Presenters

     6. Sample Speaker's Contract

     7. Site/Venue Checklist

     8. Sample Press Release

     9. Final Preparations

     10. Day of Event Checklist

     11. Program Checklist

     12. Evaluation Form: A Simple Version

     13. Evaluation Form: A Detailed Version